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PRODUCTS: Fasteners

Threaded and non-threaded fasteners have been Fasco’s traditional product offering to industry since our humble beginnings in 1978.

Typically, Fasco stocks more than 10,000 different parts in our suburban Chicago warehouse for immediate availability.

When Fasco’s extended supply chain is included, you have access to tens of thousands of parts, ranging from screws and studs to clips and cable ties. When you need it, Fasco delivers!

Threaded Fasteners

Fasco can supply all types of threaded fasteners in inch and metric sizes. You choose the material, head style, drive/recess type, etc. that are best suited for your application. Fasco delivers--as needed.

Need assistance with design considerations? Click here. We’ll give you options that can result in savings!

Screws, bolts and nuts are by far our most popular products. Although many are produced according to industry standards, you can also purchase non-standard or custom parts that are designed and manufactured for your unique application.

Many Fasco customers utilize automation or vibratory feeders in the assembly of their products. Fasco utilizes sorting systems to meets those quality requirements and ensure assembly uptime—no need to be concerned about mixed parts, duds, etc.

Non-Threaded Fasteners

Rivets, pins and washers are among the many non threaded fasteners that Fasco routinely supplies to its customers. Many options are available, in addition to "in stock standards" and typically nothing is beyond Fasco’s reach in terms of availability.

Fasco offers many processes and components which typically were only available from manufacturers. If you need help with your options or design considerations, we offer free consultingclick here.

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