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SERVICES: Kitting and Packaging

Over the years Fasco has developed into the leading supplier of kitting/packaging of fasteners and hardware for OEM’s. We have invested in proven technology that is repeatable for superior quality. Since our equipment is automated, our processes are very cost efficient and FAST.

Whether you have a "simple" bag with just one or two parts, or a "complex" bag with a wide variety of parts in varying quantities, Fasco can satisfy your requirements.

Fasco’s focus on quality extends to packaging:

  • only durable, resilient materials are used for bags, shells, and boxes so that product is not lost or damaged
  • our process is designed to provide the exact count of each part in the bag, and is validated by our high-speed check weigher system
  • all products are inspected prior to packaging to ensure conformance to dimensional and visual criteria
  • custom printing, graphics, logos, bar code labels, and time stamping are available
  • options include insertion of instruction sheets, customer furnished parts, etc.

After all, most of these hardware bags are included with your product for ultimate assembly or installation by your customers. We recognize that unless your customers are completely satisfied, you won’t be either. Fasco takes responsibility for total quality when it comes to our packaged products. You can rely on Fasco.

Download flyer (PDF): "Kitting, Polybags and Blister Packs"

Packaging and Polybagging Services

Components are boxed or heat-sealed in polybags to your specifications, complete with custom labeling and bar-coding, saving you time and money.

Services include:

  • Bulk Packs
  • Multiple Part Kits
  • Polybags
  • Chipboard Boxes
  • Clam Shells

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