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General Description: Electronic Hardware is an important component in today’s high tech environments and is found almost everywhere. As parts become smaller and more intricate, Fasco is a trusted supplier that can meet your required fastener specifications. From the smallest screw to the most complex machined turned parts, Fasco has you covered. We have the knowledge, experience and supply chain to handle your needs. Examples of our capabilities include cold heading, springs, hot heading, plastic and molded parts, powdered metal, stamping and screw machined parts.

Spacers and Standoffs for Electric Applications

Spacers and Standoffs

Spacers and Standoffs are fasteners that are used to create space between two objects, often to properly position them. Spacers can be round, hexagonal or square in shape.

Spacers have no interior threading whereas Female-Female or Double Female Standoffs can be fully threaded or partially threaded on each end. Male-Female Standoffs are also available. Spacers and Standoffs are typically used in a variety of applications; however, most commonly found in electric components, circuit boards, panels, doors and gears.

MATERIAL OPTIONS: Plastic, Nylon, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel

PLATING OPTIONS: Per customer specification

Terminal Screws for Electric Applications

Terminal Screws

Screw that is used to attach wiring or wiring components to an assembly. Common applications are found in electrical grounding, fixtures or switches.

MATERIAL OPTIONS: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper Alloys (Brass, Bronze, Copper)

OTHER OPTIONS: Dyed specific colors to indicate uses, Tin, Copper, or per customer specification

DRIVE STYLES: Slotted, Phillips, Poxidriv, 1A, Frearson, Combo (Slotted + Phillips), Torx, Torx Plus, Autosert, Hexlobular, Star Drive, Hex, Flange, Socket, Allen, Square Drive, Robertson, Quadrex (Square + Phillips), Tamper Resistant, One Way, Spanner

HEAD STYLES: Flat (82 or 100), Pan, Truss, Hex, Hex Washer, Binding, Fillister, Customer Specification

Electronic Hardware for Wire and Cable Management

Wire and Cable Management

Cables and wires are everywhere in today’s world. To provide a safe, clean, and organized environment, wire and cable management is a must. From clips to clamps and tubes to ties, Fasco has you covered for all your cable management needs.

MATERIAL OPTIONS: Plastic, Nylon, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel

PLATING OPTIONS: Per customer specification