Fasco, Inc. provides the widest variety of IFI standard fastener products and custom “Made to Print” parts from certified domestic and offshore manufacturers, stocked locally in Alsip, Ill. Fasco can supply threaded and non-threaded fasteners and components in inch and metric sizes.

As a customer, you choose the material, head styles, drive/recess type, plating and designs that are best suited for your application. Fasco keeps stock of inventory for immediate delivery.

Threaded and non-threaded fasteners have been Fasco’s traditional product offerings to the industry since 1978.

Screws, bolts and nuts are by far our most popular products. Rivets, pins and washers are among the many non-threaded fasteners that Fasco routinely supplies.

Over the years, Fasco has broadened our scope to include screw and machine-turned parts, cold-formed parts, and an expansive selection of metal, plastic and rubber “C Class Components.”

As our customers’ demands continue to grow, our capabilities continue to expand. Click on one of the categories below to see how Fasco can be your “One Stop Shop” for all your fastener and component needs.