Services and Core Competencies


Dock-to-Stock (DTS) is a process in which a supplier’s shipment is delivered directly to point of use. The customer consciously bypasses their normal receiving inspection because the supplier has a proven track record of quality.

Fasco has achieved DTS status with many customers based on our history of providing quality products and accurate shipments. Fasco’s consistency saves you time and money.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Fasco offers VMI programs tailored to meet yourrequirements, goals and objectives. VMI programs reduce direct costs (e.g. part cost, cost of stock outs) as well as many indirect costs (e.g.overhead, administrative, accounting). Furthermore, inventory turns increase which positively affects cash flow.


Kanban is an inventory-control system used to improve manufacturing efficiency. Fasco can customize a KANBAN program based upon your specific needs.


Fasco manages Just-In-Time (JIT) shipping programs for several customers. JIT reduces or eliminates the need for safety stock at your location(s). The success of a JIT program is based upon a customer’s blanket order and accurate planning and scheduling.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provides live, paperless, communication between our companies. Primary EDI uses include MRP, ASN and invoicing; but can be customized for any data exchange.